Hot Tub Service In Menominee Falls

Keeping Your Hot Tub Up & Running

Hot Tub Services - Maintenance & Repair

Hot Tub Services, a division of RJS Technical, has been providing hot tub service in Menominee Falls for over 30 years. It is our mission to ensure your hot tub gets up and running and STAYS up and running!

Imagine a company that answers the call and shows up to take care of your hot tub! That’s RJS Hot Tub Services! We can fix any problem, like leaks or strange noises, and make sure the hot tub works perfectly. We can also set up a maintenance plan to visit regularly to clean and check everything so that your hot tub stays in great shape for lots of relaxing times.

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  • Hot Tub Repair

    Dare we say there’s nothing worse than a hot tub that’s not working?! We have the knowledge and experience to fix most hot tub problems. Contact us today for help repairing your hot tub!

  • Hot Tub Service

    Our trained technicians are ready to help you with your hot tub needs! We service all makes and models and we’ll have you soaking again in no time!

  • Preventative Maintenance

    We offer a 17-point inspection of your hot tub, no matter the brand. Our trained technicians will remove side skirt panels, check all major components, make required adjustments, and even make minor repairs! All this offered at the price of a standard service call!